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Home Sale and Purchase Update

by My Journey to Millions
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It has been about 2 weeks since I wrote that I may be moving again, so I figured it was about time to come back here and provide future Evan with an update to read back and reminiscence.

Home Purchase Update

We received back the home inspection report (side note: really like who we used – stayed at the home with use for 2+ hours explaining everything and then provided us with a 125 page report with pictures! If you are looking for a Long Island Home Inspector I would check them out).  There were only a few issues:

  • Biggest and most pressing problem with a leaking water heater;
  • Brick work in the back have an odd wave in them, most likely from roots growing underneath;
  • 2 broken inner windows; and
  • Rippling siding in the front.

The inspector said that it was one of the better houses he took a look at, which for someone like me (i.e. inept at home repairs) this was fantastic news.  Nonetheless, I didn’t/don’t believe that I should be responsible for the above fixes, so I wrote a lengthy email to the seller indicating my concerns and asking for a reduction in price of $10,000 (So $685,000 to $675,000).

After a few days of radio silence I received a phone call back.  He told me that he fixed the water heater as he didn’t want to risk it dying while he was still there. Beyond that he was only willing to give me a $1,000 in price reduction! He simply didn’t care about the other items stating that they are cosmetic and every house is going to have things to fix.  To say I didn’t appreciate his nonchalant attitude about it would be an understatement.  The Wife and I discussed our options:

  1. Call his bluff and tell him we were done;
  2. Hold strong on splitting the $10,000 I was requesting; or
  3. Take it on the chin.

First option was taken off the table after a quick talk.  The Wife wants the house so it really handcuffs what I am able to do.  This leads me to 2 and 3.  The way I figured it was that of the $10,000 – $1,000 or so was for a new water heater, and so with the other $1,000 he “offered” I was really fighting over $3,000 (since I was looking really to split the $5,000).  However, despite that decision being made pretty quickly, I told him I needed to speak to The Wife.  The Wife and I decided to just let him sit and stew for about 24 hours.  I could be wrong, but I know that would cause me some stress, so fuck it he deserves the stress.

This entire process has been odd, and it continues to be so.  I told him 7 days ago that I was comfortable going to contract.  I have yet to receive anything, and I am not pushing it because I haven’t receive an offer on my home yet. That leads us to my home sale update.

My Home Sale Update

We have had the home officially on the market for exactly 14 days.  In that time we only have had one open house with another one coming up this weekend (the two weekends had Memorial Day sandwiched in the middle and we decided it wouldn’t be a great weekend for an open house).  During that time we had a few private showings with one couple that seemed particularly perfect until their parents decided they didn’t like our busy street.  I couldn’t fault them on that observation as we know that is one of the negatives we are looking to move from.  What I can fault them on, is not telling us until about 10 minutes after they were supposed to meet our broker at our house with the couple, their parents and their broker! We had taken our sick kid out of the freaking house and cleaned around him just to get everything ready.

So right now, we have zero buyers and are awaiting a contract which we will be scared to sign! No stress at all.

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