Happy Easter

I have mentioned at some point that while I am not really super religious, I am Greek Orthodox and Today is Greek Easter! I have to have at least ONE Greek reader so I figured I’d say Happy Easter and Christos Anesti!

Why is Greek Orthodox Easter a Different Date than Western Christian Religions (Roman Catholicism, Lutheran, etc.)?

FactMonster provides an EXCELLENT explanation of the whole issue:

First thing is first, how is Easter Calculated?

The formula for Easter—”The first Sunday after the first full moon on or after the vernal equinox”—is identical for both Western and Orthodox Easters, but the churches base the dates on different calendars: Western churches use the Gregorian calendar, the standard calendar for much of the world, and Orthodox churches use the older, Julian calendar.

So why the different dates?

The Western church does not use the actual, or astronomically correct date for the vernal equinox, but a fixed date (March 21). And by full moon it does not mean the astronomical full moon but the “ecclesiastical moon,” which is based on tables created by the church. These constructs allow the date of Easter to be calculated in advance rather than determined by actual astronomical observances, which are naturally less predictable.


The Eastern Orthodox Church also applies the formula so that Easter always falls after Passover, since the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ took place after he entered Jerusalem to celebrate Passover. In the Western Church, Easter sometimes precedes Passover by weeks.


So if you know a Greek say,

CHRISTOS ANESTI which means – Christ has Risen. They will reply with Alithos Anesti which means He truly has risen.

Then you should share this post and the video below:



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