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There were Never Good Ole Days When it Comes to Personal Finance

After speaking to The Wife’s grandmother for hours this past weekend, I have come to a conclusion about money management, the past and all those that say the world is different today.   The conclusion is best said by one of the best song writers around (10 points for all those that can tell me what song this quote is from!)

Cause the good ole days weren’t always good
And tomorrow ain’t as bad as it seems

The Wife’s grandmother told me stories about how her and her husband (The Wife’s Grandfather who died a couple years ago).  The Grandparents were both factory workers, with only one HS diploma between the two.   Yet they were able to provide their children a loan-free education, and even provided for their grandchildren.  The money saved by the Grandparents eventually came to be the down payment for my home.

Given that she LOVES to talk I usually provide the gentle prodding questions to get her going.  When asked about what her “secrets” were, her answer was simple…they didn’t spend money when they didn’t have to (or have it), living was cheap where they lived, they didn’t go on huge vacations, they lived with her in-laws for 12 years until they could afford a home with no mortgage, they didn’t buy new cars, etc.

What is the Norm for Personal Finance?

However, when she said people didn’t do this today, I took it to heart a little bit because people always remember the good ole days as too good.  When I asked her if everyone followed her frugal ways?  I got the expected response of, “good heavens no, Evan.” (who doesn’t love the ‘good heavens’).

Woah, wait a minute Grandma, so even back in the good ole days people were irresponsible?

OF COURSE THERE WERE! So next time someone tries to blame the current time for their irresponsible personal finance decisions, remind them even the good ole days had its problems



  1. I agree with you to a point Evan. The “good ol days” may also have had it's problems, but I think today more and more people are being irresponsible, and less people are being frugal. I think that's why the country is in the state it is today. Not that I would want to live with my parents for 12 years..but I think following in the footsteps of my grandparents could prove even the hourly worker can build a beautiful brick home…pay for it in full…and provide for 2 generations of children..a pretty good feat if you ask me!


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