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Do You Need to a Goldman Sachs Career to Get into Government?

Last Summer I read Alan Greenspan’s, “The Age of Turbulence” and I remember how shocked I was that the names he was dropping were still in government despite it being decades later.  Greenspan even mentions Hank Paulson! So when I saw CNBC’s “Highest Profile Goldman Sachs Alums” I knew I had to check it out.

Goldman Sach Partners and Executives in The Government

There are plenty of conspiracies out there about the connections between the government and Goldman Sachs.  There is even a best selling book in China about the connections.   I just wanted to highlight a few, but if this type of information interests you check out the full slide show or wikipedia’s full alumni list.

Henry M. Paulson

Was at Goldman for 22 years holding the position of CEO.  He was eventually named CEO at Goldman leaving to become the Secretary of Treasury under President Bush (43).

Neel Kashkari

Was a VP at Goldman from 2002 – 2006 when he left to become the Head of the TARP fund

Joshua Bolten

Was an Executive Director for Legal & Governmental Affairs in London who became White House Chief of Staff under George W. Bush

Jon Corzine

Was at Goldman for almost a quarter century and then became a Governor of New Jersey

Robert Rubin

Was at Goldman for nearly 3 decades, then became Secretary of Treasury under Bill Clinton

William C. Dudley

Was at Goldman for 21 years leaving to become the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Robert Zoellic

In and out of various positions in the Federal Government positions he spent one year at Goldman and then became World Bank President

Henry H. Fowler

Was Secretary of Treasury under President Johnson and then joined Goldman.

John Whitehead

Was at Goldman for 38 years and then became Deputy Secretary of State during Reagan’s administration

Is it me or does it seem like to be Treasury Secretary you need to work at Goldman Sachs?



  1. There may or may not be a conspiracy (and I am not knowledgeable enough to speak for or against Goldman Sachs), but I would rather see government appointees who have some business experience than career politicians. At least they have a clue about how real life works.

    Maybe we should require a “swap plan”. Every time a government appointee comes from
    Goldman, a government employee at a similar level should be sent to Goldman.

  2. Below is a little about the recent Goldman Sachs collusion with the notorious Israeli stock and money laundering criminals the Grin brothers’ PetroAlgae fraud.The Grins are in turn connected to Austrian Jewish billionaire Martin Schlaff who is part of the racist Israeli Finance Minister Avigdor Liebermann’s crime family.
    This is the thanks Americans get for the bailout
    or stock collapse fraud of Goldman Sachs in 2008.It would appear that Goldman Sachs works qwith Israeli criminals still to steal and launder money on U.S.stock exchanges including the penny stock market or ‘shorting’ Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac while the SEC of Bloody Mary Schapiro and ex SEC Chair Chris Naked Shorts Cox use the site to purposely, fraudulently and criminally lie that those shares were ‘naked shorted’ instead – no doubt by Overstock.con CEO Patrick Byrne’s ‘Sith Lord’ !:

    NEW YORK “No customer is too tiny for Goldman Sachs Organisation Inc (GS.N) these days, even a association with no income that’s owned by a sidestep account specializing in penny stocks.

    In a pierce which astounded a little observers, Goldman progressing this month emerged as the co-lead physical education instructor on an primary open charity for PetroAlgae (PALG.OB), a development-stage association which is perplexing to emanate oil from algae.

    Florida-based PetroAlgae, which skeleton to lift up to $200 million in the offering, has mislaid $58 million over the past 3 years.

    The renewable appetite record it is perplexing to rise is innovative, and pick start-ups are perplexing to gain on it as well. But PetroAlgae is by no equates to a personality in the field. And distinct one of its rivals, it doesn’t have dollars issuing its way from Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM.N), which is awaiting to siphon $600 million in to the rising industry.

    Rather, PetroAlgae’s categorical devotee is an $800 million New York sidestep fund, Laurus Capital Management, run by brothers Eugene and David Grin, who are most appropriate great known for investing in in isolation placements of cash-strapped micro-cap companies.

    The IPO could assistance the brothers and their investors to monetize one of their funds’ 94 percent equity interest in PetroAlgae…..


    PetroAlgae told regulators of its skeleton to launch an IPO on Aug 11, but it has charity no timetable, definition it could be months or even years prior to it goes to market. The company’s IPO is surprising since its shares already traffic on the OTC Bulletin Board, where razor-thin volumes means vast swings in share prices.


    Maybe it’s not the SEC’s fault.Maybe because they lost my 2003 complaint regarding Endovasc that Charles Schwab as well as the Grin brothers as well as James Dale Davidson,David P Summers the Virginia Heritage Bank penny stock banker posing as biotech inventor,Bellador Group of Kuala Lumpur with its CIA connections,etc.,etc. were all involved in – they just ‘couldn’t put ‘the dots’ together any better than Barack Osama Obama can connect the dots of ICTS International stock fraud of Israeli government connected Menachem Atzmon and his ICTS International that ‘accidentally’ allowed Mohamed Atta and friends to board their flights to the WTC FROM LOGAN BOSTON AIRPORT ON 9/11/01(AND WHO ACCIDENTALLY ALLOWED RICHARD REID ‘THE SHOE BOMBER’ TO BOARD IN PARIS SHORTLY AFTER THAT AND THE NIGERIAN ‘CROTCH BOMBER’ TO BOARD FLIGHT 253 TO DETROIT FROM SCHIPHOL AMSTERDAN ON CHRISTMAS 2009).Maybe THEY ALL JUST HAVE A LOW ‘DOT CONNECTING IQ’…..

    Wolf Blitzer and CNN cer­tainly felt it was impor­tant enough to send the attor­neys to that Florida court to neu­tral­ize any poten­tial claim against them by their fel­low Zion­ists Michael Zweb­ner with his Ehud Olmert and Moshe Katasav
    connections.(Katsav was later accused of rape by sev­eral of his Israeli female employ­ees in office of tourism,etc. but Israeli news like con­trolled and owned by Jew­ish ‘busi­ness­men’ never reported his involve­ment in stock fraud and money laun­der­ing agaimnst Americans,al la UCSY).

    Can you believe with all the slack time CNN has on its hands 24/7 and apper­ently no news to report that they should have not reported a $100 mil­lion legal case against them by a British Israeli money laun­derer directly con­nected to Olmert and Kat­sav !?

    And because CNN and Fox cov­ers up and even aids and abets stock frauds against Amer­i­cans in their own coun­try or what used to be con­sid­ered their own coun­try it goes on even now.One exam­ple is PetroAl­gae fraud and money laun­der­ing scam of the Grin broth­ers,( con­nected like Israeli Finance Min­is­ter Avig­dor Lieber­man with Aus­trian Jew­ish bil­lion­aire Mar­tin Schlaff ),
    that Forbes erro­neously claimed were Ukran­ian so as to avoid edu­cat­ing their read­ers to the Grin broth­ers’ Israel base of operations.I was ripped off in part by the Grin brothers, David, Eugene,Abraham,through the Endovasc ‘biotech’ fraud in 2001.
    Gold­man Sachs is involved in this fraud as well so are aid­ing and abet­ting the Grin broth­ers to steal more more from Amer­i­cans through that
    ‘share-money laun­der­ing oper­a­tion as I write.
    Because I knew a pro­fes­sor Cul­ley of Louisiana State Uni­ver­sity who was the first to sug­gest the poten­tial uses of duck­weed or Lem­nacea for waste water treat­ment in the 1970’s I find it very sad that those scum­bags ‚(who I doubt are ‘semi­tes’ if they have Ukran­ian origens),are using his hon­est and sin­cere research for fraud.No money stolen by them in this stock fraud will go to LSU or any real research but like Endovasc and so many Grin bro con­nected scams will go to off­s­hore accounts and do evil.


    Yesterday, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) met with top brass at Goldman Sachs at the Willard Hotel to discuss implementation of the Dodd-Frank financial reform. So what happened? We wish we could tell you. …SEC meets with Goldman Sachs, Wall Street CEOs behind closed doors …8 hours ago by JP Freire

  3. Evan, Pass me the malox please! There are some things I don’t even want to think about! How disgusting is it?

  4. Hahaha – I wonder how many companies can make this claim. Probably a lot more that we realize. I don’t know enough about the corporation to speak past what you’ve posted here; but I remember watching a food documentary where most of the heads at the FDA came from 3 or 4 good/farming companies!

    I guess they have to come from somewhere that gave them the necessary experience.

  5. I actually wondered the same thing but never bothered to follow up on it. I would guess Goldman’s elitist reputation probably does factor in here: it is all part of the clout and prestige.


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