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Getting Back to Sharing My Personal Finances

by My Journey to Millions
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In early March I went full ostrich mode with sharing my personal finances. I stopped updating my net worth, stopped screening for undervalued dividend growth stocks, given how much of my net worth is tied up in the market I was understandably spooked. I didn’t voluntarily sell a single stock until last month when I shared about 2 of my investment canaries in the coal mine dying. The emphasis on voluntary was intentional, as my broker, TD, did force me out of some of my naked puts, and even positions within my dividend growth account. This occurred because almost every single one of my option contracts turned sideways/negative on me. The worst part about it? Those contracts would have been fine if I just kept up rolling them out. Massive lesson learned.

Like everything else in this new world post-March 15th, my lack of sharing almost became a new norm. That is until I saw a comment from Enough Wealth on my March Net worth update,

He is absolutely correct. With the markets back to basically even (which makes no sense to me) I think it is about time that I poke my head out of my shell. Starting in August, I am going to:

  • Restart my Net Worth Calculations – I believe I am still going to be down year to date, but at least it won’t be a nauseating money that makes me partake in dumb financial decisions;
  • Restart my screen and purchases for my dividend growth account – this account took a beating, however, I believe it is about time to start screening and buying again. I think the market, as a whole, is overvalued, but if I can find something within the dividend champion list that is a little less loved then 10 years from now Evan is going to be excited; and of course
  • Restart sharing the financial events and thoughts happening in my life.

I do not regret the time I have taken off (well maybe the not purchasing of shares in April and May), as I believe it allowed me to focus on understanding what is my new normal after COVID. I believe that if I were active with any of these above items I would have made missteps and mistakes out of fear.

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