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Get Your 2 Year Upgrade from Sprint Sooner

by My Journey to Millions

One of the first personal finance blogs I ever read, My Money Blog, recently published a post about getting out of your sprint contract early.  In it Jonathan describes a change to Sprint’s Early Termination Fee, and how such a change is a material alteration of the contract.  As such, one can cancel your Sprint Contract without an Early Termination Fee.  This post reminded me of how I obtained a brand new phone from Sprint way before my 2 Year Upgrade was up.

How to Receive a Sprint Upgrade Right Now

It was a almost 2 years ago at this point (I only know because my phone is coming up on that magically 2 year mark) and being the Personal Finance Nerd that I am knew I could get out of the contract because of a change in the Early Termination Fee.

I called the Sprint Customer Service Line and explained the situation I was in:

  • I was/am a HUGE fan of Sprint
  • I was desperately in need of a new phone
  • I didn’t want to leave Sprint but would if I had to
  • My plan was to shut my account and re-open it in a week and netting me a new phone

After explaining the situation to a Rep and her manager they finally understood my game plan they acquiesced and sent me a new phone (well gave me the 2 year subsidized contract price).

I have now had that phone for almost 2 years, and I would follow this exact game plan if I weren’t up for a phone in November anyway.

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Jeff 08/25/2011 - 10:28 am

That’s a pretty slick plan – wouldnt work for me though, because we dont have spring service in WYO.

LaTisha 08/25/2011 - 11:34 am

I might need to do that for Verizon. Sprint will pay me the cost of the termination fee plus give me a new phone with a new 2 yr contract. That makes it much easier for me to decide to switch, but I still haven’t done it….


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