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Fun Conservative Posters and Bumper Stickers

While, I don’t usually pass around political forwards, I loved this one!

Obama Mistake

Never Apologize Fairness Is not for Lazy People

Don't Spread Wealth Spread Ethic Obama Beating Al Qaeda

Expensive Healthcare Trickle Up Poverty



  1. Wow, cruel bumper stickers! lol.

    I may write a Hallelujah post on the House passing the Death tax exemption for couples up to $7 million, but i figure you may be writing one. Or, you can write one on my site!

    Either way, I will be talking about this glorious day!

  2. Barack Obama is a director that hopefully will go down in history for more than just becoming the earliest black Usa president. In the worold financial crisis there has been some very hard periods these days for Us citizens and for the whole world and President obama has had to cope with exactly how to take care of this and many additional complications. He has his followers and his critics nonetheless he’s without doubt made a large contribution to The united states.

    • I suppose by “large contribution” you mean to our national debt, or the destruction of our civil liberties, or maybe, perhaps, you were refering to his overwhelmingly large contribution in creating a lazy welfare state out of a country that was once known for it’s ability to create prosperity for an individual if they were willing to work for it. I’m sick of having a spineless, liberal piece of shit for a president that’s too busy blaming someone else for the current state instead of fixing the situation. The sooner he’s gone the sooner America can become the beacon of the worlds economy. An Angry American


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