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I am Very Disappointed in Myself

In the beginning of the year, I created my goals and objectives for 2012 and while I’ll do a full review in a couple weeks I was thinking about just one aspect of that post the other day and got pretty angry with myself.  I think these feelings started to brew when I noticed that Fidelity has an option to see your dividends paid year to date and I realized just how far away my dividend stream is from being a viable income source. I know I am doing the right thing by my family and by my investments with my dividend income portfolio, but it is such a slow process and frustrating which is why beyond bi-monthly updates I mostly ignore it on here.

In my goals and objectives post I said,

I freaking love creating streams of income, it is my passion.  I would love to have 4 or 5 great ones.  My Journey to Millions is an amazing one, as is an offshoot of this blog that I work with a partner on, and my job is number 3 (and way too big in comparison to the first two lol).  My goal is to create a 4 and 5 this year.

They will obviously be a lot smaller than the 3 already up there, but if I can start to get that trickle going I’ll be happy.  I have two projects that are getting worked out (both websites but not blogs), so my goal this year is to get streams of income 4 and 5 off the ground.

We are approximately 5 months into the new year and I have yet to get 4 or 5 off the ground and that just pisses me off.  I have created a new site recently and re-did another site but both are far from an income stream.  The new site is a blog written by two of my really good buddies and myself and is about all issues that concern being a man called Manceptional, and the re-done site is ran by one of the same buddies and myself and it is a free baby birth date guessing site called Pregnancy Pool.

My Journey to Millions isn’t a big site, but when I create content it is often picked up and commented on.  As such it seems that  have forgotten how hard it is to build a website to the point where it throws off an income.

Am I giving up? Hell freaking NO. 

I just have to regroup my thinking – determine what’s working for me and what is not in terms of current income as well as cultivating those little trickles, as well as digging new soon to be streams.

Alright, self-pep talk over! Put me in Coach.



    • What do you mean? I only have 3 income streams right now:
      – MJTM
      – Salary
      – Business off shoot of MJTM

  1. Rudy! Rudy! Keep working man, you’ll get there in time – having everything you want now isnt any fun at all. All the hard work you put in will make it that much better.
    Right now, I’ve got 3 income streams – my job, the site and my lending club. Hoping to add more soon (possibly rental property) but gotta save up the cash first!

  2. You are ahead of me on multiple streams. I only have my job and my stocks (mostly dividend paying). I do a side gig once a year so I guess that is a third?

    Keep plowing away and don’t get down on yourself. You are doing way better than the average American!

    • Who wants to be average?! lol

      What is your once a year side gig? Does it pay well? Can you bump it up for multiple times a year?

  3. Stay the course and keep building new revenue streams. Some sites just don’t work out and if you’re spending too much time on one with no reward you could always dump it.

    It does take a lot of work to get the ball rolling but that’s good. If it were easy there would be much more competition. Instead, most bloggers burn out after a few months. Those who stick with it for the long term are the ones who will enjoy the success.

    • “If it were easy there would be much more competition. Instead, most bloggers burn out after a few months. Those who stick with it for the long term are the ones who will enjoy the success.”

      FANTASTIC POINT, Buddy! Just like any business if it were easy everyone would do it.

    • I have adsense on the site, but I think the problem has to do with a lack of exposure and failing on my part to build the seo it needs

  4. You may not have achieved your goals set for this year, but having the multiple income streams that you’ve already established is pretty darn amazing!

  5. Great idea for a new site with the man-theme. I was actually thinking along those lines myself when I saw what a success “The Art of Manliness” was. Dividends are for the slow and steady buddy, if you want the quick increase to an income stream, I would keep investing in internet properties myself.

    • I like internet properties but most of my profits from the internet world is in a slash and burn business I run with a partner

  6. Have to agree with Julie. Just the fact that you are thinking this way puts you ahead of at least 90% of the population.

  7. Keep up your pursuit! Having written goals is definitely a step that most people don’t take. Keep the ideas coming!!!

  8. This is so appropriate right now. I think I am going to dump a website for the first time ever. There goes a few months work. I will keep it (it’s not worth selling), and re-focus on the money makers. It definitely sucks when things don’t take off like you had hoped… Good luck getting re-energized.


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