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Explanation of Health Care Bill in Time Line Form

I really wanted to stay out of the health care debate (obviously beyond discussing the Constitutionality of the Health Care Bill)  but I came across this really cool graphical time line of the Bill that I thought people would like. It is from a 3rd Party that I have no affiliate with, who obviously created it to get links, but whatever it is cool nonetheless:

Infographic by Compare health insurance options from many different providers!



  1. I’d hate to have to make sense of this bill if I was a US citizen. The whole thing seems mired in politics on both sides.

    When we introduced the National Health Care system here in the UK it was right after the war, and it benefited from a time when people genuinely wanted to work together for a better world.

    Whether this bill is right or wrong, people and politics is so cynical now it’s hard for the average person to know.

    • Hmmm that cynicism point is excellent. I am pretty sure that if it were the Republicans putting forth this bill the other side would HATE it for the same arguments lol

  2. I agree with Monevator, I’m happy to be on the outside looking in.

    While ultimately it’s good to have a public health system, there are issues with it as well. Here in Canada, one that comes up often is the wait times. There have been many Canadians that have gone to the states to get surgeries done that they couldn’t wait any longer for.

    A large reason for long wait times are a shortage of doctors. Doctors don’t want to work in public healthcare when they can go to another country and get paid more from a private company.


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