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Easy, Inexpensive Household Hacks for 2021 and Beyond

by My Journey to Millions
Household hacks for cleaning and organizing

We’ve still got a few months to go before Spring cleaning starts but Winter is still a good time to get more organized in your home. A clean house is a clean mind. Well, sometimes. At the very least, you can save money and maximize your household appliances and budget by seizing on a few brilliant life hacks. 

These strategies have been discovered somewhat randomly over the years but have proven to be reliable methods for bypassing ineffective cleaning supplies, methods, and traditional appliances and accessories. 

Use dryer balls instead of dryer sheets

Sustainable wool dryer balls are the hypoallergenic, synthetic-free alternative to dryer sheets for people who care about efficient, eco-friendly products. The dryer balls offered by Seek Bamboo, a zero waste store that uses materials like bamboo and 100% New Zealand wool, help to soften and destatictize clothes. This product is good for approximately 1,000 laundry cycles and will ultimately save you money by maximizing your drying speed.

Use leftover coffee grinds for unclogging drains and degreasing

Many people love coffee so much that they make a full pot of it each day (or sometimes more than one a day), but did you know that coffee grinds have dozens of additional unintended functions? The creative uses for coffee grinds include garden fertilization, composting, insect repellent, odor neutralization, and more. The two we’ll mention additionally here are unclogging/degreasing hack that will save you money and hassle.

Coffee grounds can be used to unclog a kitchen sink or bathroom tub that might otherwise require hours of messy plumbing and possibly high repair costs. All you have to do is mix the grounds with dish soap and boiling water and apply it to the clogged drain. Such a combination can work on even the strongest gunk that includes hair.

You can also use leftover coffee grinds to eliminate grease stains, such as the unsightly ring around the tub, and other residue stains as well. 

Use vinegar to clean the microwave

It’s very easy for microwaves to become grotesquely messy to the point where the inside almost looks like an abstract art painting. Did you know you can use vinegar to easily and safely remove these stains without having to use toxic chemicals? A bowl of vinegar in the microwave will also help with any lingering odors.

Many people use organic apple cider vinegar for this, but any strong vinegar should work. 

Cleaning a toilet

Toilet efficiency and cleanliness

The toilet is usually not the favorite first pick for people who are on cleaning duty. Additionally, inefficient toilets can make your water bill unnecessarily high. So there are two easy toilet hacks that you should know about.

The first is placing a brick or any dense, heavy object (perhaps an old, unused dumbbell) in the back tank of the toilet. This displaces the volume of water and decreases how much is used when you flush. 

As far as cleaning, toilets can be notoriously stubborn. A smart cleaning hack is to use mouthwash instead of toxic chemicals. All you have to do is pour a small amount of mouthwash into the toilet and let it sit for about 30 minutes. This will weaken the grime so that it comes off easier. 

There are so many other brilliant household hacks we could mention. Here are some of the honorable mentions that didn’t quite make today’s list:

~Cover door knobs with tennis balls to prevent damage to the wall.

~Cover tacky looking alarm systems with a painting.

~Use a squeegee to remove pet fur from furniture. 

~Use aluminum foil to protect furniture from cat claws.

~Add caulk underneath rugs to prevent them from slipping. 

~Add paper to the bottom of the trash bag to soak up liquids. 

There are thousands upon thousands of clever household hacks that can save you money and time. Do you know of one that isn’t listed here? Perhaps, you learned it from your grandmother when you were a kid. Or maybe you discovered it all by yourself. Share it in the comments!

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