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Don’t Blindly Trust your Employer – Check your Check!

by My Journey to Millions

In the past I broken down my paycheck, and I just assumed all was good.  However, I found out otherwise!

I got called into the office of my Human Resource Person to go over the 2009 benefits package.  When she reviewed what I had paid this year thus far for medical coverage she was shocked, so upon further review I had been paying double my monthly premium since June!  The problem you ask? Paper work got messed up when I added The Wife on to my coverage.  

The silver lining? I got a lump sum check! After talking to myself out of picking up a new flat screen (JOKING!) I talked to The Wife and we are putting it towards debt, which kind of excites me.  So in a couple days I will update my debt balance and my meter to the side, but its going to go way down.

Does it kind of make me a geek how excited I am to pay down a debt!? Maybe, but hell, I am also the person who started a personal finance blog lol.

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