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DollarDig Review

by My Journey to Millions

Dollar Dig is a retail receipt website that allows customers to purchase items directly from manufacturers while getting money back. Dollar Dig works by passing along funds to the user that are given to websites by companies for attracting customers. While there are many coupon websites, none quite serve their customers in the same way as Dollar Dig.

The first thing I noticed about Dollar Dig is the interface. It’s intuitive to use and features large, easy to read and understand font. You can browse by category such as electronics or apparel or you can search for a specific store on their handy dandy search button conveniently located in the upper right hand corner of the page. There’s also an option to browse through all of Dollar Dig’s stores if you are so inclined. One thing I really like when searching through stores is the ability to have a specific number of search results appear on screen, including the “show all” button. This saves me from having to stop and change pages partway through my search, something I personally find very annoying.

Of course, all of this easy searching means nothing if there are no stores that interest you. With Dollar Dig, this isn’t a concern; they have nearly 3600 stores for you to browse. And it’s not just small retailers you’ve never heard of, either; Dollar Dig recognizable stores such as:

  • Verizon Wireless
  • Abt Electronics
  • Ace Hardware
  • Advance Auto Parts
  • American Eagle Outfitters

Of course, there are smaller retailers for specialty goods as well. Or you could just shop Amazon (also a partner of Dollar Dig). They also feature Facebook and Twitter pages to “friend” or “follow” that alert you to great deals right on your feed.

All that is great, and it’s nice to have options, but if using Dollar Dig doesn’t earn you money then what’s the point? Dollar Dig offers one of the most generous point systems of all retail receipt websites. To ensure you don’t return your item, there is a small waiting period of about 90 days before the money appears in your account. Of course, you can see your pending total after about 10 days so that you know exactly how much you are getting.

Dollar Dig also makes it easy to get your cash. Once you reach $25 in rebates, you are free to withdraw your money. To make it easier to reach your goal, Dollar Dig also starts you off with $5 when you sign up! The best part is, getting paid through Dollar Dig is always secure; you can be paid through Paypal or Dwolla, meaning that Dollar Dig never has access to any of your personal information. Dollar Dig is also in the process of offering other payment options to accommodate all their users.

Overall, Dollar Dig is one of the best retail receipt websites out there. It’s easy to use and to understand. There are a ton of retail sites to choose from and the points system is easy to understand. If you are interested in getting in on the free money offered by retail receipt websites, make your first (and last) stop Dollar Dig!

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