Do You Spend Too Much Money on Sports? Here Are Some Smart Tips

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Author: Robert Bell

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If you love watching sports, then it is probably a hobby you don’t want to give up. Yet, what if you find that you are currently spending too much on going to the games?

The good news is that there are fairly simple pieces of advice that will allow you to carry on enjoying your favorite sports without it costing you a fortune.

Don’t Buy Food and Drink in the Stadium

It is no secret that most big sports stadiums charge a lot for their food and drinks. A piece of research carried out on NFL Super bowl menus showed that only the 2019 event in Atlanta’s
Mercedes-Benz Stadium charged reasonable amounts.

The chances are that you will need to pay way over the odds to buy something simple like a hot dog and a beer at a game. While this does feel like part of the overall fun of going, if you attend a lot of games then it will add up to a tidy sum over the season.

A far more sensible idea is to eat at home before you leave. It might not be as exciting, but it will save you cash.

Go Straight Home After the Game

Another way that some fans spend too much is by hanging around after the game is over. Most stadiums have some great bars near them where it is easy to either celebrate or else drown your tears.

If you get into this habit, then you could end up spending far more after the event than during it. Therefore, making a plan to go straight at the end is a sound decision.

Look for Last Minute Tickets

The price of tickets for the likes of NBA, NFL, and NHL games is pretty steep. For the 2018-19 season, the average NBA ticket price rose to $89 on the secondary market. In terms of the NFL, expect to pay an average of $130 to $150 just to get into the stadium.

If you prefer to see ice hockey in Canada then expect to pay from $51 US to get a seat. This lowest price is to see the Ottawa Senators. The highest is $96 US at the home of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Searching online for last-minute ticket deals can help you to pay less. Of course, it all comes down to demand so you might miss out sometimes and get a really low price on other occasions.

Use Your Knowledge to Win Money

Keen sports fans tend to gather a huge database of knowledge without even realizing it. This is fantastic for impressing friends at quizzes, but could you also use your knowledge to win some money too?

What about betting on the outcomes of games involving teams that you know a lot about? There is a good chance that you can correctly predict what is going to happen a lot of the time.

If you choose to bet on football, basketball, or any other sport there is no guarantee of winning. However, it does give you an opportunity to see whether you are able to do so regularly.

Invite Friends Over to Watch Games

We have seen that going out to watch games can be very expensive. In fact, we haven’t even considered the cost of transport or parking yet.

Because of this, it can make sense to stay at home and invite some friends over to watch a game on the television. If everyone brings along snacks and something to drink, then it can be a brilliant night in that doesn’t cost anyone a lot of money.

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