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Do You Ever Really Disconnect on Vacation?

I just got back from an amazing 4 days on Fire Island with The Wife and kids. For four days we were playing in the waves, building sand castles and eating ice cream (which I will play for the next week or so). Despite being a vacation during this time I also worked in some form or fashion for my three main streams of income which are my job, my small law firm and my small online business. Specifically, I took a limited amount of emails and phone calls for my main job, I worked tirelessly on a particular client’s employment problem for 3 of the 4 days for my law firm and checked and responded to emails twice a day for my small online business. All this work on ‘vacation’ made me start to think about actually disconnecting.

Do You Ever Really Disconnect From Responsibilities?

I look at those three streams of income as responsibilities that I don’t take lightly either for ethical reasons, or because they provide my family and I with the income that allowed the vacation (and sometimes somewhere in the middle). At the same time, The Wife ran her business, answering emails and phone calls. This isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy myself, quite the contrary, I love taking time with my family away. It is just that I am not sure how others can go away and just turn it all off.

I have colleagues and buddies that are able to do it, but I just don’t understand how someone could go away and shut it all off.



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