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My Dividend Investment Portfolio Update – October 2016

I have been tracking my investment income for years and years, but when I sold the site I decided to sell a large portion of my investment income.  It went from around a $30,000 balance with the following income history:Dividend income by Quarter January 2016

However, it feels like with this new iteration of my site, and my investment portfolio I should start my tracking over as well except this time I am going to share even more information including holdings and balances.  So, I am going to start over from when I sold my site and a sizeable chunk of the portfolio.

My September 2016 Investment Activity

My Undervalued Dividend Growth Stock Purchases

I usually only make one purchase a month, but in September I made my normal purchase plus a smaller one:

  • On 9/9/2016 I bought 10 shares at $72.92/share.  This represented my normal and systematic $500 purchase + $163 I cleared from selling puts in August.  This was a new position
  • Early in the month of September the market had some volatility and I figured I would buy a small lot in Target (I have free trades from TD Ameritrade).  I had already owned 30 shares and I purchased another 5 shares for $336

My Investment Income

  • I received $72.09 in dividends that were automatically reinvested; and
  • I earned $133.45 selling naked short puts.

The $133.45 will be added to my normal $500 investment when I make my purchase in October.

My Current Holdings & Ratios

Company Ticker Shares Price Value Cost Basis Current Dividend Payout Current Expected Annual Income Yield on Cost
Aflac AFL 10 $71.90 $719.00 $72.93 $1.64 $16.40 2.25%
CATERPILLAR INC CAT 22.201 $89.42 $1,985.21 $75.34 $3.08 $68.38 4.09%
Community Trust Bankcorp CTBI 15.132 $36.71 $555.50 $34.09 $1.28 $19.37 3.75%
CULLEN FROST BANKERS INC CFR 10.078 $72.85 $734.18 $65.23 $2.16 $21.77 3.31%
Emerson Electric EMR 26.24 $53.69 $1,408.83 $48.42
Franklin Resources BEN 22 $36.76 $808.72 $34.53 $0.72 $15.84 2.09%
SONOCO PRODS CO SON 22.159 $50.93 $1,128.56 $36.79 $1.48 $32.80 4.02%
TARGET CORP TGT 28.243 $67.74 $1,913.18 $71.13 $2.40 $67.78 3.37%
PRICE T ROWE GROUP TROW 35.244 $67.58 $2,381.79 $69.13 $2.16 $76.13 3.12%
UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORP UTX 20.129 $102.25 $2,058.19 $87.58 $2.64 $53.14 3.01%
211.426 $13,693.16 $371.60

How was your month?



  1. Looks like you brought in some good income for the month. Combo dividends and options like many of our fellow bloggers do these days. Nice to see a few names in common too paying us in September. Thanks for sharing these results.

    • It is amazing how trends work in waves! I don’t remember seeing anyone talking about options a few years ago.

  2. September is always a great month for dividend income in my portfolio. Looks like the same for you with several common stocks – TGT, EMR, AFL, and CAT.

    I like that you are able to generate extra cash to invest using options too!


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