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Difference between fundamental and technical analysis

The fundamental and technical analysis plays a crucial role in the Forex market. As a trader, you should know the uses of fundamental and technical analysis. If you want to make profit, you should know how they work in the market. Both of these methods are used to research and to forecast future trends in stock prices. These methods are considered as a basic part of approaching trades. In this article, you will find a clear concept of the difference between fundamental and technical analysis.

There are three main forms of market analysis. Namely, technical, fundamental and sentiment analysis. Based on these three major forms of market analysis, the elite traders are executing their orders. So, if you intend to develop your career in the investment business, you should learn these three techniques.

What is Forex Analysis?

With the help of Forex analysis, the traders can find out whether to buy, sell or wait on trading a currency pair. It also helps to determine the changes that occur in the currency pair prices, you need to have enough knowledge to use the analytic tools in your trades. Through the Forex analysis, you can find out the direction a price is moving and can even forecast where the price direction may go. In the market, some analysis is manual and some analysis can be performed by computers. Few traders use both the manual and computer-driven analysis in their trades to make profit. But you should not use Forex analysis unless you are confident enough.

Learning to analyze the technical parameters is a challenging task. However, you should open a practice account with the best Forex broker. The selection of the broker is very important. Developing your technical skills depends on the quality of the trading environment. Technical analysis is the study of the raw price movement that allows you to find the best trades. It’s not like dealing with the news data which gives you critical information about the market. For technical analysis, you should study the candlestick pattern but for fundamental analysis, you should rely on the high impact news.

What is fundamental analysis?

The fundamental analysis is a method of measuring the intrinsic value of a stock by evaluating securities. You can study almost everything about the market through fundamental analysis. The important characteristics of the fundamental analysis are assets, expenses, earnings, and liabilities. To make profits in your trades you should understand the fundamental analysis properly. New traders often start trading without understanding the concept of fundamental analysis and thus lose their trades. The fundamental analysis also gives you a brief idea about the overall condition of the market which allows the traders to trade more profitably.

What is technical analysis?

The technical analysis is very different from the fundamental analysis. You will only find the inputs of the stock’s price and volume by the technical analysis. You can’t find a security’s intrinsic value by the technical analysis. You will find out about the patterns and trends through the technical analysis by using the stock charts. The patterns and trends help the traders to identify the future stock which may result in profits. The moving average, trend lines, support and resistance and momentum-based indicators are the most popular forms of technical analysis.


There are also other analysis methods in the market but the fundamental and technical analysis are the most common ones. The technical analysis is considered as the most popular one by the traders, traders find the technical analysis very reliable in the trades. To use the analysis properly you must have enough skills and learning processes so that you can understand them precisely. Pro traders always warn new traders not to jump into trading without having proper knowledge about Forex analysis. The lack of knowledge will increase their losses.



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