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Debt Update 8/27/2008

by My Journey to Millions

In conjunction with providing great and useful information, I created this blog is to keep me accountable for my debts.  As of this update I am focusing on my wife and I’s Credit Cards (as indicated by my status bar to the left).

This is an update as to our progress:

7/27/2008 8/27/2008
CitiCard #1 141.99 0
AccountCentral (Discover) 1,758.30 1,443.56
CitiCard #2 7,797.00 7,700.15
Bank of America (VISA) 1,344.97 1,359.84

Discover 4,979.02 4,850.00
American Express
Discover #2 862.70 827.99

We are consistently making payments throughout the month to each of the debts.  I am trying my best to follow my combo debt snowball/avalanche, however, I am unable to mentally/physically just put the minimum.  For instance, a couple of days ago I went to pay discover #2, and the minimum was clearly $26.00 but for reasons unknown to anyone but my subconscious I put in for 39.99.  WEIRD.

Regardless, I am making my way down the debt later, slowly, but still it is decreasing, and you know what?  It feels great that for the first time in my life (all 26 years of it, better late then never) I have an actual plan to reduce debt and beyond that…it excites me.

With all that being said, I will continue onward and hope to have an even better update next month!

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