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Creating Another Website For Income and Personal Reasons

It has been years since I really threw myself into another online project, but I have recently done it and I couldn’t be more excited.  I think the most exciting part for me is that the topic is something I am very interested in so it is not just about trying to create another stream of income.

My Experiences Brewing Beer

I have been brewing beer at home for a little over two years.  As someone who never really had any hobbies this would be the closest thing to it.  At this point, I couldn’t even guess as to how many batches of beers I have made (for the most part a batch equals 5 gallons of beer).  If I was forced to guess it would be in the 30 to 40 range! It could be even more given there are days when we have done double batches.  During that entire time, neither my brew partner nor myself ever considered writing down why, what, or how we created a particular batch.

This lack of record keeping has led to some pretty large frustrations on my part.  The first is just failing to remember. It is realistic for us to go to a site to order another kit/recipe and not even remember the particular type we had previously ordered (yes, it is easy to remember that we ordered a stout, but the problem is when they have 6 stouts to choose from).  The second and much larger problem is that our lack of record keeping makes it nearly impossible to repeat batches we’ve liked.  As I mentioned, we often will change a recipe.  The easiest way to think about this is if you were to buy a brownie mix in a box but added extra cocoa, nuts, etc., but never wrote down how much or why you did it (or for that matter how it turned out).

I created MyJourneytoMillions approximately 8 years ago to keep myself accountable to none other than myself.  My traffic has waned and waxed over the years but I kept plugging along since I was really writing for myself.  Technically, I could turn this site private but I know I would just stop writing.  Similarly, I know that even if one person may come across my site,, I’ll continue to write.

Creating My Beer Brewing Site

Having entered into a few very successful online ventures, and watching a few failed projects fold I really believe the number one priority should be passion.  A side project like that is run almost entirely on passion.  You can fake passion at your job since your salary is tied to it, but if you have zero passion about a side hustle there is no chance you’ll get out of the gate before it fails.  I can safely say a few of my projects failed because of passion, as well as watching others fail at theirs.

Why I am Excited About My New Home Brew Site

If I am going to be honest with myself I am excited about this new site for almost entirely selfish reasons.  First, it will eliminate the two frustrations above.  By forcing myself to write a post every time I brew something, I’ll have a log of what I made, why I made it and how I made it.  For example, my very first post was brewing a California Steam Beer – I now have a record of why I made it (lost a Superbowl Bet when the falcons lost to the pats), what I made (a California Steam Beer which I learned all about writing the post) and how we made it (didn’t do anything special, although the ass brew partner had the game on in the background as we brewed).

The second selfish reason I am excited about the site is that it will force me to learn about the different aspects of brewing.  I haven’t had to learn the deeper reasons of why I did certain things, rather, I was given my marching orders and we went for it.  With having to fill up space on a post/blog it has already forced me to to learn about things I would have otherwise taken for granted.  For example, when I was brewing a Baltic Porter I learned the cursory differences between lager yeast and ale yeast.

The third selfish reason I am excited about the site is that it is going to force me to grow outside my comfort zone.  Right now, I know my brew partner and I can finish up a 5 gallon batch, with clean up, in under 4 hours, but how many times can I write about that?  I have already had an itch to try new techniques, new equipment, and even take the next step to all grain brewing.

With those brew reasons out of the way, the very last reason I am excited about starting this site is a possibility of creating another stream of income.  Having run this personal finance blog for almost a decade I am well aware that the possibility of me ranking for some of the bigger keywords as they relate to brewing is next to zero, but maybe someone will be looking for a review of a product or kit that I mad?  If I can meet all my other reasons and the income never comes I will still be excited, and that right there is the most important thing about creating a passion project such as this.



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