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Completed My First Short Term Financial Goals and My New Set of Short Term Financial Goals

Since selling my first home and moving into my second earlier this year I had noticed that I haven’t been as focused when it came to goals regarding my finances, so I knew had to come up with a plan.  The idea, while not perfect, was to create short-term financial goals that would keep my attention (a hard task) and excite me to allocate funds.

My First Set of Short Term Financial Goals

My first set of financial goals were simple enough:

  1. Deposit $3,000 to my dividend investment fund
  2. Get my Home improvement fund up to $1,000
  3. Pay $500 towards my student loan principal
  4. Save $500 in my Son’s 529 Plan

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I can’t believe I was able to save/invest $5,000 in just 6 short weeks!  That doesn’t include my standard contributions and debt repayments I had. It was a perfect storm as I had some clients finishing up estate plans and a tax refund coming to me.  I don’t think the next $5,000 will be as quick.

My Second Set of Short Term Financial Goals

Start date of June 1, 2013 my short term financial goals (in no particular order) will be:

  1. Contribute $500 to my Traditional IRA
  2. Save $500 into my Son’s 529
  3. Save $1,000 in cash towards a future house purchase
  4. Invest $1,500 into my Dividend Portfolio
  5. Save up $750 to allocate to my whole life insurance policies
  6. Save $750 in the house repair fund (The $1,000 was already used for a few things – mainly 13 trees for the backyard, who the hell knew trees were expensive?)


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