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Check Out the 10 Most Memorable Stock Tickers

Investing in stocks requires plenty of logistics, but to have FUN on your BDAY and EAT good PZZA, let’s put the returns off the chart for a while. Don’t worry, we’re not shouting acronyms, just capitalizing (on) memorable stock tickers. It’s time you do, too.

Jokes apart, a study claims that choosing ticker symbols like these can actually bring home a steady profit. They’re not just quirky, they’re easy to read and remember — perfect winners for the fast-paced world of stock trading. 

Interested? Here are 10 of the most memorable stock tickers on the market:

1. FUN – Cedar Fair

The highlight of clever stock tickers, Cedar Fair (FUN) is the company behind five amusement parks: Knott’s Berry Farm, Worlds of Fun, Valleyfair, Cedar Point as well as Dorney Park, and its Wildwater Kingdom. They’ve got a fun ticker. 

2. LUV – Southwest Airlines

One for the Valentine’s, Southwest Airlines (LUV) is known for its courteous staff, cost-effective flights, and ensured reliability (OK, maybe not that reliable). It has more traveler foot traffic than any other airline within the United States! That’s not all, the company was also one of the first to build a website, enable online bookings and offer deep domestic flight discounts. Go check the indicators and invest now, luv. 

3. PZZA – Papa John’s

A cult classic, Papa John’s (PZZA) is a takeaway/delivery restaurant offering a wide selection of classic pizzas, delicious wings, flavorful breadsticks, and sweet desserts. The company has over 5,000 locations within the United States alone. Sorry, Domino’s (DPZ). Some crusts may be better, but Papa John’s wins the stock ticker — it’s worth their salt.

4. HEINY – Heineken

Tighten your belt, Heineken (HEINY) made the list. The Dutch beer brand doesn’t just produce the world’s best pale lager, it’s also the second-largest brewer in the world. Plus, they have been in operation for almost two centuries now! And we know the ticker got a giggle out of them too, why else would the ‘e’ in Heineken be smiling?

5. BOOM – Dynamic Materials

Hide your wooden nickels, Dynamic Materials (BOOM) is here with a solid ticker. The company specializes in explosive metalworking and perforation. They shape metals, bolt two or more together, and perform shock-hardening using explosives. Talk about getting a bang for your buck, boom!

6. WOOF – VCA Antech

The only thing more adorable than the stock ticker is VCA Antech’s (WOOF) Instagram. The company hosts the largest network of veterinary hospitals — over 250 — plus some clinical laboratories in the United States. Collectively, they serve around 13,000 animal hospitals. 

7. ZZ – Sealy Corporation

Tired of playing the market? Rest your head on Sealy Corporation’s (ZZ) soft mattresses and enjoy the passive income because this clever ticker is sure to go up in value (just a joke, not financial advice). The company has been resting on their laurels for over 140 years (once again, just a joke) and they’re ranked America’s #1 mattress brand.

8. EAT – Brinker International

If you couldn’t guess from the ticker, Brinker International (EAT) is a multinational casual-dining restaurateur that owns Chili’s Grill and Bar, Maggiano’s Little Italy, It’s Just Wings, and Maggiano’s Italian Classics. They boast over 1600 locations globally and rank 5th in the world for their culture. 

9. POO – Progeo Holding

If you’re looking to be stinking rich, Progeo Holding (POO) is the right ticker to play with. It’s a Germany-based brand that offers intelligent solutions for waterproofing buildings. They recently launched the Smartex MX, the best real-time monitoring system for waterproofing. So have you ever considered buying some POO? You should.

10. SCAM – Scottish American Investment Company

If this isn’t a clever ticker, we don’t know what is. The Scottish American Investment Company (SCAM) targets private investors and aims to increase their sources of income. Their mission is to boost the dividends at a faster rate than economic inflation. No wonder the ticker gives everyone a run for their money. Probably why they changed it to SAIN (like Saint) recently.

In Conclusion

Memorable stock tickers are a humorous take on, otherwise, bland stock trading. It’s time all the hot-shot companies change their ticker listings and have some fun while cashing in their almighty dollar. As Oscar Wilde says, “Life is too short to be taken seriously.” 

Safwan Azeem
Safwan Azeem
Safwan Azeem is a musician and copywriter by profession. Want to work with him? Hit him on Upwork, LinkedIn, or Instagram. He has covered gaming content, extremely granular food/drinks content, and entertainment articles over the years.


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