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Best Side Hustles to Increase Your Income

These days, it seems like it’s hard to have anything extra in life without another source of income. One job may just be enough to cover your bills and the necessities in life. Living paycheck to paycheck is a reality in the lives of many, and finding some solid side hustles can help boost your income, giving you extra money to put into savings or allow you to have enough for things you might want. One of the best things about side hustles is that they’re flexible, and you can have as many as time allows. 

Freelance Writing 

If you’re good at writing, freelance writing can help you earn money for your talent. Many businesses are searching for freelancers to write quality content for their websites, and they’re willing to pay good money for it. Content copywriting is a good niche to get into when it comes to freelancing because there’s always a high demand for the skill.

It’s also good to have the ability to write about various topics because this will open up more jobs to you. When you start landing gigs, it’s important to follow all the requirements, as well as meet any deadline the client has in place. The better you do, the more likely it is for you to find more work from the same clients. 

Virtual Assistant 

Being a virtual assistant is a great way to earn some extra money because many of the tasks are easy and can be done in your free time. A virtual assistant can be responsible for various tasks, such as bookkeeping, updating social media profiles, marketing, organizing calendars, data entry, scheduling meetings, answering emails, and much more. Many business owners look for virtual assistants to help out with clerical tasks that they may not have the extra time to do themselves. 

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking 

If you love animals, pet sitting and dog walking services are something you can offer. Not many people are comfortable with the idea of leaving their dogs all day while they’re at work without any potty breaks or attention. As a dog walker, you’ll be responsible for letting the dog outside to potty, as well as giving the dog attention while the owners are away. A pet sitter is someone who is responsible for the pets while the owners are away, which can be multiple days. Getting your foot in the door as a dog walker or a pet sitter can start with offering your services to friends and family members. With word of mouth and solid references, you’ll be able to find more clients. 


Babysitting is another great way to make extra money. Parents want someone who is reliable and good with their children that they feel they can trust when they’re not around. Parents will not hire just anyone to watch their children. Taking a babysitting and child care training course can help parents feel comfortable that you’re trained in handling any emergency that might arise while their children are in your care. There are many reliable websites where parents post their childcare needs, but also give you a place to display your availability, your price, and your experience. Make sure to be open with parents about your skills, and provide them with references they can check.

Being successful at your side hustles requires good time and money management skills. You should make sure not to take on too much at one time so you don’t stretch yourself too thin. Making extra money is great, but you also want to make sure you have time to allow yourself to relax. 



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