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Bachelor Party Finances – 5 Ways to Keep Costs Low

Yesterday, I got back from a ridiculous weekend at the New Jersey Shore (Avalon to be exact).  I was there for my friend’s bachelor party.  I have known this buddy since we were 8, so being one-third of the team that was setting it up, I was pumped to make it SICK.  And I succeeded.

Despite our location (our 3 decks, yes, we had 3 decks overlooked the beach) it was one of the cheapest bachelor parties I have ever been on.  So I figured, I should help out and give some pointers to keep it HIGH fun and LOW(er) costs.  It was not a goal to keep costs down, but it worked out that way.

I should admit, my bachelor party broke almost everyone of these! I had 3 nights in Las Vegas, it was absolutely insane, an experience which despite its costs I would never give up.  This list may apply to you only in part, but the bachelor parties I have been on have been crazy and will continue to be nutty because…well my friends are NUTS, but if you can cut back on one or more of these topics your checking account will be pumped.

Five Ways to Keep Costs Low at a Bachelor Party

1.  Food

Stay out of the Restaurants.  At this bachelor party we rocked out the BBQ the whole time.  It was great and what dude who is drinking tons of beer wouldn’t want some burgers, steak and hot dogs.

This worked out perfectly for us, since the bachelor wanted to rock out a chill beach bachelor party so BBQing is an easy fit.  This may not work for other types of parties.

2.  Drinking.

Pre-Gaming is a Must.  Urban Dictionary provides a great definition of Pre-Gaming,

Activity that is DRINKING BEFORE DRINKING. Usually to drink before going out to a club or party. Sometimes the reason for pre-gaming is to get a buzz started before arriving at the destination, and sometimes to spend less money trying to obtain a drunken state at the bar or club.

This should be a MUST for any bachelor party.

3.  Length

Keep it to 1 or 2 Nights.  Trust me, anything over 1 or 2 nights…is OVERKILL.  Mine was 3 days and by Sunday I actually had the shakes!

4.  Transportation

Limos are sometimes needed but boy are they unnecessarily expensive! This topic all depends where you are going, but generally there is public transportation if you are in a major city and there is always the option of a Designated Driver (Not going to be me, but hey more power to you!)

5.  Adult Entertainment

This may not be an issue for a lot of people, but I shouldn’t shy away from it.  If you are planning the party, push for a club rather than having your choice of gender come to your location.  This will allow each partier to choose how much they want to spend.

Bachelor Party Finances

I truly believe that these parties are a highlight in your guy relationships and one should think hard before bailing over a few dollars, but if you can offer cool ideas that cost a little less…everyone is a winner!

Lastly, if you were in Avalon this past weekend – leave a comment!



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