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August 2015 Value Dividend Growth Portfolio Update

by My Journey to Millions

Almost every month for the past few years I would create a watch list of dividend growth stocks that could be considered undervalued, however, I am taking this month off! I created my last watch list only 12 days ago so the information is relatively current, and considering the blood bath that this week has been for stocks it is time to buy my monthly lot (remember buy low!).

Dividend Investment Portfolio Activity in July 2015

I didn’t sell any positions in July, but on 7/31/2015 I purchased 8 shares of XOM at a cost basis of $79.29.  In my June 2015 update I wrote:

Currently, I am feeling very heavy in energy and banking/insurance so my goal is go through the list above and pick up something not in those industries.

But, I couldn’t turn down XOM taking another dive in the few days after I wrote that post:

XOM Purchase

When I woke up that morning it was done – it has continued the slide, but that overnight drop was enough for me to add to energy.

My July 2015 Dividend Income

I had another odd drop in dividend income:

July 2015 Dividend Income

July 2015 Dividend Income - By Quarter

But looking at the past data it seems it just has to do with when Fidelity credits my account.  So my June 2015 was about $30 higher than June 2014 – and now my July 2015 is $30 lower than July 2014.  As long as the quarters stay even or an on upward trend everything will work itself out!

My August 2015 Purchase

Using the data from 12 days ago I took a look at stocks that were not in the financial/insurance world and/or in the energy sector.  So, this morning I purchased 6 shares of GPC.

uine Parts Company is a service organization engaged in the distribution of automotive replacement parts, industrial replacement parts, office products and electrical/electronic materials. The Company operates through four segments: Automotive Parts Group, which distributes automotive parts and accessory items; Industrial Parts Group, which distributes industrial replacement parts and related supplies; Office Products Group, which is engaged in the wholesale distribution of a line of office and other business related products, and Electrical/Electronic Materials Group, which distributes materials to more than 20,000 electrical and electronic manufacturers, as well as industrial assembly and specialty wire and cable markets in North America. In 2014, the Company’s business was conducted from approximately 2,600 locations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.

GPC has a P/E of 18.7 vs 48.1 for competitors, a 3.64% dividend yield and is only 3.64% of its 52 week lows (vs 25.79% off its 52 week high).

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