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All of Obama’s Proposed Taxes Listed (well not All because there are just too many)!

I have never hidden my disdain for big government regardless of what political party is in charge.  I am a libertarian at heart, but only in moderation, of course.  So I got excited when I saw a post by, Executive Vice President of The Cato Institute, David Boaz, titled, “Democrats’ Voracious Search for New Tax Revenue.

According to Mr. Boaz, all of the ideas below have been discussed, floated or talked about in Washington by Obama, his allies or someone in his Administration,

I am not sure why but Mr. Boaz decided not to put the following into his list,

I mean come on! How does this not anger EVERYONE regardless of political affiliation?



  1. The crux of the matter is that the current administration believes that people should not have the right to choose what is best for them (how to handle their money,etc.) but that some 3rd party (aka the government) knows best and should control everything. Sad. Sad. Sad. 2012 can’t come fast enough for me

    • Joel I couldn’t agree more! Let me do what I want to do…hell I’d even be down with a partial privatization of Social Security

    • So long as the government is consistent with taxing EVERYONE, it’s all good

      What is consistent? Depending on who you want to listen to, around 40% of the population doesn’t even pay income taxes! Estate Taxes? Less than 2%

      I know your katana waiving self probably pays a whole hell of a lot of taxes that piss you off.

  2. It’s one of those things where one should recognize that if they are paying $100,000 a year in taxes, they are probably doing OK for themselves for example.

    Like I’ve written in the past, I’m all for equality and a flat tax for those above the poverty line!


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