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Affordable and Fun Easter Basket Ideas

We all love to celebrate Easter with family, but sometimes by the time the holiday rolls around all of the creativity for assembling Easter baskets has been completely spent! Many people find that not only do they have a hard time coming up with good ideas for Easter baskets but their budget for holiday spending is a little bleak. With these two factors in mind, we put together some ideas that will bring smiles to Easter morning and your wallet. 

Thrifty Easter Basket Ideas for Young Children

In many ways, young children are easy to please on Easter. The weather is nice so items that will take your family outside like spring themed sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and silly string are fun items that can be picked up at the dollar store. 

While visiting the dollar store you can also pick up Easter coloring books and a package of crayons. If you are really feeling creative, you can make your own spring-themed crayons by melting a package of crayons (or the most worn out from around the house) and pouring the wax into molds. 

Easter bunnies are a popular and festive item to include in a child’s Easter basket. If your child is not a chocolate eater, you can turn Tic-Tacs or mini marshmallows into bunny fun! Pick up some Easter party bags at the dollar store and put loose Tic-Tac’s inside. Label the white ones bunny poop and the orange carrot seeds. The marshmallows? Bunny tails of course!

Inexpensive Easter Basket Ideas for Tweens and Teens

Easter baskets for older kids can be much harder to stuff than for little people. As kids get older, try mixing in Easter candy such as jellybeans or chocolate bunnies with practical items. Some popular basket stuffers for teens and tweens might include:

  • Socks with an Easter print
  • Self-care items like facial masks, lotions, or travel size beauty products
  • Nail polish
  • Popular magazines or books of puzzle games
  • Reusable water bottles
  • Outdoor games
  • Scented candles 

Teens and tweens are in a goofy and fun stage of life. Use that to your advantage and look in the bargain section at places like Target to see what silly Easter items they might have kicking around. 

DIY Easter Basket Ideas for any Age

Another way to fill your child’s Easter basket this year is to add items you make yourself. These can be edible like egg-shaped Rice Crispy Treats and popcorn balls or a coupon for things like getting out of chores and additional screen time. 

Spring is the time that many plants begin to grow and thrive. Including seed packets for flowers, veggies, or herbs can be a fun way for your child to learn something new and allow your family to spend time together. 

By shopping at the dollar store, or bargain section at stores like Target, you can find many great items to fill your child’s Easter basket. Choose a variety of edible, fun, and practical items that you know your kids will love. Ultimately, Easter is like any holiday. It is meant to be celebrated spending time with the ones we love.



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