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Activities on Cruise Ships

Cruise ships have a lot to offer for a vacation. They can be good for both relaxing couples retreats as well as a fun filled family getaway. The reason for this is the variety of activities and accommodations that are involved. Plus, the idea of what type of vacation you get for the money spent can make almost anyone happy.

3D cruise ship in tropical waters


Cruise ships are known for their food. Most importantly they are known for their all inclusive food! This means you get all you can eat. It comes in the form of buffets, ice cream shops and even formal dinners. Each cruise ship usually offers a variety of options (sit down, quick, food types, etc.)


There is a lot of entertainment on cruise ships as well. They are known for their singing and dancing. They typically have night time shows that can range from actual musicals to ice skating shows. Cruise ships have band playing in the different bars located throughout the ship. Karaoke is often found in the lounges as well. Games, dance lessons, group events are also popular are on the ships. I was even on a ship one time as a kid that had a talent show. I came prepared with a dance costume and performed one of my dances for the ship.It was quite the experience. 


Cruise ships offer great shopping. You will typically find quite a few options for you to dabble in. Categories most commonly found are jewelry, alcohol, and clothing. Jewelry and Alcohol are common because, similar to gambling, the rules for international waters are different and it allows you to score some great deals. Not only can you get a good deal but you can also purchase new and exciting outfits or activities to use while on vacation.


Rest in spa salon
Portrait of young female lying in spa salon during beauty procedure

When one wants to relax on vacation, they tend to opt for spa services. The nicer, the better. Well cruise ships offer these services for that very reason. Most offer the typical spa packages like facials, massages, manicures, pedicures of all varieties. Most will pay a premium when they are on vacation, especially when they are faced with overlooking beautiful beaches and the sea.


When with a family than you are most likely looking to keep your children occupied. Most offer kids services that either offer childcare or kids activities throughout the day and evening. You can basically send your child to camp while you enjoy your vacation. Just like adults like to do on vacation, you can send your kids on expeditions and play games to keep them busy.

So get out your dramamine and sunglasses and look into enjoying a cruise ship vacation.



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