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My 32nd Birthday Post

I think the coolest thing about running a blog where I can share personal information is the ability to look back and place myself when I wrote something in the past.

My Previous Birthday Posts

It is amazing to see how much changes year over year.  Last year I wrote:

I am excited to move from our townhouse to a larger home, but man am I anxious about the whole transaction. Our buyers are have yet to secure a mortgage commitment, and it isn’t due to a lack of trying.  Their lender keeps requesting more information from my Condo board and then with Hurricane Sandy life in New York got put on hold.

Well it all worked out and we bought the new house.

Other than the house, I think The Wife and I are also going to “pull the goalie” really soon so 32 Year old post might include a second child. I am praying that the conception portion this time is less stressful

Ugh, it wasn’t/hasn’t been less stressful as we got pregnant right away and then in January lost the baby again (our second miscarriage).

Upcoming Year

Reading the past birthday posts I don’t usually go into too much detail saving that for the end of the year, but as of today I don’t have any big life changing events financially speaking.

Personally speaking, The Wife and I would absolutely like another child before I hit the big 33, but it feels like that it isn’t really in our hands right now.

I remember writing last year’s post thinking how much is going to change! I am happy to write this post with the thought that there are no pre-planned huge changes coming up (unless we have another child then I will look back at this post and just laugh how naive I was)!





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