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2008 Taxes Update – Taxes are E-Filed; What I am doing with the Refund?

refundI previously discussed the items one should bring to a tax appointment so I figured I should give my readers an update as to what happened.

Our Meeting with our “New” Accountant

The wife and I met with an accountant which came highly recommended by a co-worker.  The meeting went well, and he was shocked how organized we were (I wanted to tell him, “hey, buddy I wrote a post on it, of course I have this stuff organized”).   Our meeting was interesting, he was very jovial guy (the Wife’s word not mine).  He didn’t do our taxes at that moment, but rather just used the meeting as a data gathering section.  I thought that was normal, the wife did not.

The following day, I called him to ask him a question – no call back.  I called him after that weekend – no call back.  I called him the following day – no call back!  Now the wife was pissed, and she is not the person you want pissed off and needing a call back.  She must have called this guy’s office 3 times before noon! Needless to say I got a call back, and got my questions answered (the questions were specific to my return and expenses).

The Results

My Accountant informed me that he had our taxes done, and I was getting ZERO back.  I said that has to be a mistake, and it was.  He assumed that I wanted to roll my refund into the wife’s quarterly estimates.  I informed him that this was wrong, and I wanted him to mail me my returns prior to filing so I can review them.  I noticed a few questionable items, but they were explained to me and I was getting a $4k+ refund.  So I told him to E-File.

What we are doing with our Tax Refund

DEBT REPAYMENT. PERIOD. There wasn’t even a discussion between the Wife and I.  We have to finish up our ridiculous credit card debt, and this money will clear a good chunk of it.

Are we going to use this accountant again?

It is up in the air, he made some good points with the wife’s employment situation (she is an independent rep paying Self Employment Tax vs. Creating an S-Corp), and he seemed like a competent accountant.

However, his professionalism was REALLY lacking, which I guess some people would like, but I did not.  Call me crazy, but I want my attorneys, accountants, financial planners, and other professionals – to act and exude professionalism – which includes asking questions, dressing the part, and calling back.   PLUS, I felt like I paid a lot, but don’t have enough data – for a joint return (I had a bunch of investment stuff, and the wife is independent rep) I paid $375.  Is this normal? Too Much? I’d love some info.

What are you doing with your refund? Anyone out there rocking out the, “I deserve a TV?”




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