Retirement is probably the number one thing most older Americans worry about.  The posts in this category are about retirement and qualified planning.  Retirement accounts are often referred to as qualified because that is how they are usually classified by the IRS.

Retirement – a look at your finances

Going into retirement is generally looked upon as turning over a new leaf in life, where your work is done…

1 month ago

Your Guide to the 5 Most Common ISAs

As a UK resident, you’re able to invest up to £20,000 tax-free per year (as of 2020/21) when using an…

8 months ago

Using After Tax Contributions for Retirement

With so many options available, lots of people get confused when setting up a retirement plan. Everyone wants to save…

10 months ago

What is the Retirement Smile Expense Curve?

I have been in the financial services industry for a really long time, so I am always shocked when I…

1 year ago

Reallocating Future 401(k) Contributions From 50% Cash

Almost exactly 1 year ago I decided to change the allocations of my new capital contributed to my 401(k) from…

2 years ago