Debt is a four letter word that almost every person has had to deal with since the beginning of written time and history.  Debt was talked about in the bible, by Shakespeare, and by tens of thousands of other authors since.  The posts found in this category have to deal with either my personal relationship with debt, or the idea in general.

What Can You Use a Short Term Loan in the UK For?

Choosing when to opt for a loan of any kind can be challenging, however, it is not impossible. Withseveral uses…

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Smart Ways to Deal with Credit Card Debt

Experienced seafarers say it takes just over four miles to stop an aircraft carrier traveling 35 miles per hour. As…

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Does Loan Forgiveness Apply to Car Title Loans?

Car title loans are a type of short term, secured loan which uses your car as collateral. Title loans are…

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Use Tiffany Funding to Clear Debt Hurdles

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Ways To Fix Your Credit On Your Own

When you are faced with bad credit, you often feel defeated and stuck. Is there ever going to be a…

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